The Effectiveness of Political Development in the Five-Year Development Plan Following the Approach of the 20-Year Vision Document in the 1404's Horizon (Iran)

The 20-year vision document of Horizon 1404, approved by the
Expediency Discernment Council, became the basis of the fiveyear
development plans for the fourth year onwards from 2005 to
1404. Simultaneously with the implementation of development
plans, how to achieve the goals of the vision document in line
with the five-year development plans were questioned.
According to the vision document's nature, this question can be
considered in various economic, cultural, social, and political
dimensions. Therefore, according to this article's purpose, the
effectiveness of political development in five-year development
plans following the 20-year vision document of Horizon 1404
was studied. The five-year plan documents from the fourth plan
onward were used to achieve the result, and the method was the
descriptive and library studies. The study's result was that the
political development approach in the fourth, fifth, and sixth fiveyear
development plans fluctuated dramatically. In the final
summary, this approach has not had the desired effect.
Keywords: Effectiveness, Five-Year Development Plans,
Political Development, Horizon 1404 20-Year Vision Document

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