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13 May 2017 | 12:38

Dr. Velayati, the President of the Center of Strategic Research of the Expediency Council visited and held talks with Mr. Vincenzo Amendola, the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister and his delegation.

This meeting was also attended by Mr Hossein Malaek, the acting head of Foreign Policy Research Department of the Center of Strategic Research as well as some other experts and authorities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Velayati welcomed his guests and referred to the historical and cultural value of the two countries’ ties and stated: During the past years and throughout the various responsibilities I have had, I held negotiations with various European states including Italy which caused effective cooperation and exchange of ideas on international and regional matters. This shows the positive role of Italy as one of the most important countries in Europe.

Dr. Velayati further added: Iran is the most effective country in the region in terms of international influence which can lead to the expansion of Iran-Italy bilateral cooperation and relations. The reciprocal economic and political relations are currently at a high level which can be further boosted.

He also stated: Unlike the past, regional issues now affect the international community along with the global arena. Regional issues do not have military solutions and thus, we support Astaneh Talks to materialize peace in Syria. We will also do whatever we have at our disposal in order to stymie plans to dissect regional countries.

The Italian Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his contentment to visit the President of the CSR and said: Fortunately, we have had very good collaborations in various economic domains both in governmental as well as private sectors and in the recent negotiations, the focus has been on the enhancement of the present ties.

He assessed the present state of cooperation as satisfactory and cited: Fortunately, we have reached positive results in this area.

Amendola expressed his satisfaction on Iran-Italy relations on regional matters and added: We welcome knowing about Iran’s viewpoint on regional issues.

At the end of this meeting, the two sides answered reporters’ questions.

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