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13 May 2017 | 12:36

According to the reported news about the US test of its biggest non-nuclear bomb in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in April 13 (2017), the territories of Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) were attacked and according to early counts 36 member of them were killed and according to later counts which were declared by Afghan authorities 94 ISIS members were killed. The USA, for the first time, used this bomb which is called "Mother of All Bombs (MOAB)” in circumstances that the World’s security condition, relationships between superpowers and the balance of power between them especially regarding Syria’s crisis and the status of their regional allies has become extremely complicated. By considering the timing of this attack, we notice that the test of this bomb was done just one day before holding the summit for multinational dialogues titled "National Compromise and Afghanistan's Security” that was hosted by Russia in Moscow. The recent test of the bomb can be considered as a message for Russia and the allied countries in this summit that the US has not left, and will not leave, the battlefield of Afghanistan. In addition, the trip of McMaster, who is the national security advisor of Trump, has promoted the idea that the opposition of goals and interests of Russia and the US in Afghanistan will probably increasingly intensify insecurity and instability in this country. Generally speaking, the US recent saber rattling in Afghanistan can be considered an effort for justifying the political and military fiasco of this country in Afghanistan. In fact, the US is still determined to support NATO in Afghanistan as well as Afghan forces and NATO’s activities in this country are considered a crucial issue by the US. Therefore, it is expected that according to the US new framework of policies in Afghanistan during Trump’s presidency, more cooperation for training Afghan defensive and national security forces to be carried out by American and NATO forces so that sending out more American forces to Afghanistan is not unexpected. But testing a non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan carries a message for Russia as well as North Korea and China. By testing the bomb, the US sent a message to Pyongyang that according to which North Korea should expect any action from the US and probably conveyed a message to China that the pressures for cooperating over the issue of North Korea will be increased. In any case, one cannot expect China to cooperate with the US for the disarmament of North Korea but what is probable is the cooperation for resurrecting the previous International negotiations to resolve North Korea’s crisis.

Zahra Dolatkhah
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