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12 February 2020 | 19:08
Nabavi on the sidelines of paying visit to Bonyan fair
Dr Morteza Nabavi paid visit to Bonyan Fair

Dr Morteza Nabavi a senior member of Iran’s Expediency Council paid visit to the Bonyan fair during his presence in the Institution for Strategic Research.

Answering a question about the end of the time for examination of FATF and CFT Nabavi said:” we made sure that ratifying the bills will be against our national interests, while the Europeans insisted that it is necessary to be ratified. The foreigners should not dictate a foreign policy decision on us.”

"Although martyrdom of General Soleimani was heart-wrenching but breathed a new life into the society and our people renewed their allegiance to the Islamic revolution” he added.

Nabavi insisted:” contrary to the last year analysis of some sociologists and intellectuals about weakening the social capital of Islamic Republic, the recent developments showed that the social capital is in place and the people are still loyal to the Islamic republic. The crowd in the funeral of Generral Soleimani suggested that the people believe the government’s power to maintain security and agree with its regional security strategies.”
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